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Adult Training

Stay fit at any age

Adults need to work out too

Here at Athlete’s Addiction, we offer adult training programs that cater for anyone who
wants to improve their fitness levels. No matter how much or little you have worked out
previously, we offer personalized, science-backed support that will take you to the next
level. Our range of programs includes:


Complete Fitness

If you want to focus on your individual goals with unlimited access to training, opt for this program. You can work out when you like, but you'll be provided with a customized fitness and nutrition plan. You'll also have access to the AA fitness classes and online scheduling.


1 month - $309/mo
6 months - $269/mo
12 months - $239/mo


AA Fit Bootcamps

Are you looking for some intense training? Our AA fit bootcamps can help you with that.
You’ll be able to go to as many classes as you want, and you’ll be provided with a customized nutrition plan. All you have to do is schedule a session online.


1 month - $159/mo
6 months - $119/mo
12 months - $99/mo


Private Training

If you believe one-on-one adult training suits you better, we offer private sessions with our
coaches to help you. You’ll get access to a customized adult training program and nutrition plan. All you have to do is contact your trainer and schedule an appointment.


1 session - $120/session
4 sessions - $110/session
8 sessions - $95/session
16 sessions - $90/session
24 sessions - $85/session

Online Training

We offer sessions with the option for those unable to leave home or make it to our athlete training facility. Sometimes you want to work out without leaving your home. Our coaches offer online training sessions with a customized training and nutrition program. Continue training online and benefit from customized guidance and nutritional coaching. All we need to know is equipment access and we’ll take it from there.


Online Training $149/mo
Online Training & Nutrition $199/mo