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Training for Ages 8-10

Tailored training for ages 8-10

Strength-building and boosting performance

When it comes to workouts for youth athletes, increasing their strength is key to performance. It’s about creating tailored programs that keep it fun and interactive, while helping them work on speed, agility and coordination, as well as the mental elements of being an athlete. We offer a variety of approaches.

An Initial Assessment ($49) is required for all clients prior to beginning a training program.

The Athlete's Addiction Initial Assessment consists of:
• InBody
• Movement assessment
• Performance assessment: Using sensors to auto-analyze neuromuscular strength, power, range of motion and imbalance results in real-time. (Think Force Plates, Lasers, Etc.)
Your Assessment Team and Trainer analyze the data to prioritize program objectives and determine best training strategies.

Speed, Agility, Quickness & Power

What EVERY ATHLETE NEEDS! Work with our trainers to create or improve your performance. We offer 3 levels of SAQP classes, with each level becoming more advanced and requiring more efficient recovery periods! Our staff will help determine the level that’s right for you!
Attend a total of 3 sessions per week! Schedule online!
*Includes a Nutrition Consultation


1 month - $209/mo
6 months - $179/mo
12 months - $159/mo

Private Training

For those wanting an extra boost with their workouts, we offer private training with our coaches. These one-on-one sessions with athletes provide them with a customized program .
Let us know your goals to ensure a perfect match!
*Includes a Nutrition Consultation


4 sessions - $110/session
8 sessions - $95/session
16 sessions - $90/session
24 sessions - $85/session

Group Training

Seasonal demands might affect availability

A GREAT way to build comraderie with your team! After meeting with the coach and team members, the trainers will customize a youth athletes program tailored to their respective sport. Contact a trainer today to schedule an appointment

*An Initial Assessment is not required for Group Training, as your trainer will test performance throughout your sessions. Participants have the option of adding an Initial Assessment ($49) if they would like the additional information.


5-9 athletes - $25/session
10-15 athletes - $20/session
*4 Session Minimum Purchase

Semi-Private Training

Train with your friends while crushing your fitness goals! Keep the group small for more customization and attention from your trainer. This is a great way to get started and establish a solid foundation!

*All Participants must complete an Initial Assessment ($49) to begin training. Book here to get started


2-4 athletes - $35/session
*4 Session Minimum Purchase